21st January 2020
Substantial saving achieved for independent multiple in contentious Midlands lease renewal
We are delighted to have negotiated a reduction of almost 40% from the landlords proposal on behalf of our client...

In August 2017 our client was served a Section 25 notice by a major corporate landlord. The notice contained a rent proposal which amounted to the rent almost being quadrupled! 

Our client had been unsuccessful in trying to deal with the matter themselves and the matter was headed for court with all of the costs that that would entail. Fortunately our client contacted ourselves in August 2019 and through our prior knowledge and experience of dealing with the landlord in question, together with our expertise, we were able to swiftly conclude negotiations on favourable terms and with the benefit of a almost 40% reduction in the proposed rent and averting substantial legal costs.

If you have a health centre rent review or lease renewal or are contemplating entering into a new health centre lease please feel welcome to contact us for expert advice.